Hypro Flanged Gaskets

Universal Flange Gaskets

The innovative new Universal Flanged Gaskets were designed to make joint assembly quick and easy. The gasket’s unique T-web aligns adjoining fittings while holding itself in place without the use of adhesives. The gasket is visible for inspection during assembly ensuring that it is properly installed the first time, every time.

Features & Benefits

• The Hypro Universal Flanged Gasket aligns adjoining fittings and holds itself in place during joint assembly without the use of adhesives

• Alignment ribs stiffen the T-web and mark 0°, 45° and 90° for rotational alignment of fittings

• The outside of the gasket is visible for inspection during assembly to ensure gasket is properly laced

• Visibility allows for 100% inspection to prevent leaks and costly rework

• Sealing areas between fitting faces increase maximum pressure and vacuum the joint can manage without leaks

• The T-web secures the seal so that it cannot be sucked into the joint by normal pump suction

• Gasket “bulge” into the joint is minimized, increasing the flowable area up to 28%, while reducing turbulence and ensuring maximum flow