Hypro ForceField Pumps

Hypro has announced the launch of the new, patent pending 9310 and 9314 Series Centrifugal Pumps with ForceField Technology. The hydraulic motor driven, wet seal centrifugal pumps prevent costly downtime by protecting the mechanical seal against dry run and chemical bonding failures.

“The Hypro pump technologies have been known and trusted in the industry for over 65 years,” said Andy McNair, Hypro Product marketing manager. “The new ForceField pumps build on our current robust product offering and bring unmatched reliability to meet the ever increasing demand for agriculture production. The maintenance free wet seal chamber is self-regulating for safe operation without the need to monitor and maintain pressure.”

The Hypro 9310 and 9316 series pumps have flow rates up to 880 LPM and can produce pressures up to 10 bar. They are available with cast iron or stainless steel volutes for superior resistance to harsh chemicals. ForceField pumps are covered by a one year warranty on all components, including the seal.

ForceField Pumps are available from Pumps and Sprays.