New Flojet Automatic Water System Pump for Potable Water

Flojet has released a new Automatic Water System Pump for potable water. This pump is ideal for a range of applications including RV. boats, caravans, camping and domestic auto water systems. It contains an internal bypass which provides even flow characteristics and reduces the need for an accumulator tank.

The 3526–144 is a Triplex series pump containing three diaphragms. The Triplex pump installs with simple quick connect ports and adjustable rubber mounting feet. It runs at pressures up to 50 PSI quietly with a built-in pulsation eliminator to control unwanted cycling and noise, and with automatic operationturning pumps on and off when a tap or valve is opened or closed. These pumps can run dry and are designed with a sealed, water resistant motor housing making them corrosion resistant. They are also self priming to 9 feet.


• Self–Priming
• Dry Running
• Soft Noise Absorbing Mounts
• Snap–in Port Fittings
• Built-in Bypass : Less Pulsation
• Reduces need for accumulator tank
• Corrosion Resistant Materials
• Meets ISO 8846 (Ignition protection)


Motor: Permanent Magnet, Ball Bearing,Totally Enclosed.
Pump: Three chamber diaphragm design
Self-priming up to 9 feet suction lift;
Pump able to run dry without damage