1540 Series Aluminum Transfer Pumps with PowerPro Engines

Series 6500 6-Roller Pump

The 1540 series of aluminum transfer pumps are driven by a reliable, field-proven PowerPro™ engine that is supported with a one-year warranty from Hypro. PowerPro™ engines are factory-tested to ensure optimum performance.

  • Aluminum housing is suitable for applications of flood water removal, lawn and garden watering and pond filling
  • Powered by field-proven Hypro PowerPro™ EPA engine
  • Easily handles high capacity flow rates up to 270 gpm
  • Self-priming capabilities with maximum suction lift up to 10 feet/3.05 meters (1541A) or 23 feet/7.01 meters (1542A/1543A)
  • Durable cast iron impeller and diffuser for long life
  • Trash Pump can handle solid particles in suspension up to 1-1/8” diameter
  • EPDM mechanical seal and inlet valve for longevity and reliability in dewatering applications
  • Available in 2” and 3” models to fit common hose sizes (BSP inlet/outlet)
  • All models come with a basket strainer, hose adapters and a rugged tubular steel frame, or carrying handle, for ease in transporting
  • Supported with a one-year Hypro warranty on both pump and PowerPro engine
  • Pump and engine repair parts available for easy servicing



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