4.3m Winged Eliminator

4.3m Winged Eliminator

The C-Dax Eliminator trailed weed wiper dramatically reduces damage to your pasture by putting chemical on the weeds rather than the whole pasture. Quality C-Dax construction is means an extremely robust, trailed weed wiper designed to control weeds while preserving pasture. The electronic chemical flow controller allows operators to quickly adjust the amount of chemical being pumped to the wiping carpets to suit the level of infestation. A pressurised feed system ensures equal amounts of chemical are pumped to either side of the wiper regardless of the angle of operation.

The C-Dax Winged Eliminator gives an impressive overall width of 4.30m with height adjustable self-angling wings that will save you even more time and allows easy control of weeds on banks and edges of waterways without the risk of runoff or spray drift.

Model: ElimWinged

Part No. 1016

  • 50 Litre tank for mounting on C-DAX Eliminator complete with 12-volt pump and wiring cable












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