CDA Spray Boom

CDA Spray Boom

The CDA low volume spray boom, represents the ultimate in spraying efficiency and offers some considerable advantages over conventional pressure nozzle spraying techniques.

  • Double atomiser spray boom with 3.6m spraying width (1.8m per atomiser)
  • 580psi, 10mm delivery hose
  • Reduced spray drift and run-off
  • Easy to calibrate with simple three-step method
  • Boom breakaway protection system
  • Comes complete with 6m delivery hose, dry break couplers and plumbing kit, wiring loom and on/off control box, and pressure regulator
  • Includes Quick-Smart attachment system


  • Triple atomiser spray boom with 5.4m spraying width (1024)

Model: CDA218
Part No: 1023









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