G573205 Air Operated Pump

G573205 Air Operated Pump

Flojet’s ultra-efficient, “stand-up-to-anything” G573205 pump has become an industry leader. The G573205 system delivers flows of up to 18 LPM and is ideal for a host of heavy-duty industrial applications. The G573205 air-operated pump is fitted Viton elastomers to handle even the harshest cleaners and solvents. A patented ceramic shuttle valve ensures a lifetime of stall-free operation.Flojet’s commitment to sophisticated engineering and advanced design means you can depend on these pumps to consistently, reliably deliver the highest in performance with minimal servicing, saving you time and money.


• Capable of Air or CO2 drive pressures up to 100PSI (6.9bar)
• Robust Design with durable integral mounting
• Patented Shuttle Valve, eliminates stalling
• Capable of passing solids up to 3.2mm diameter easily with large clog-free Check Valves
• Corrosion Resistant materials capable of handling a wide range of chemicals
• Leak Resistant radial seals, no critical o-ring seals. Quiet Operation with large exhaust muffler
• Ease of Installation with all quick disconnect ports