2535S Triplex Plunger Pump

2535S Triplex Plunger Pump

The Hypro 2535S triplex plunger pump is designed for durability, top performance, and convenient servicing. It achieves up to 38 gpm (144 lpm) and 1200 psi (83 bar). The 316 stainless steel two-piece manifold minimizes washout and corrosion. A strong power end including oversized crankshaft, bearings, and connecting rods easily handles abuse caused by start-up and intermittent operation.
Backed by the best warranty in the industry, Hypro pumps are designed for, and not adapted to, the car wash industry, resulting in pumps that deliver higher pressure and increased reliability.


  •  Ports: 1-1/2″ inlet, 1″ outlet
  •  Shaft: 35mm OD solid thru shaft for left- or right-hand operation
  •  Head and manifold material: 316 stainless steel head and two-piece manifold resist washout and corrosion
  •  Oversized crankshaft, bearings and bronze connecting rod can handle the abuse of cold start-ups and intermittent operation
  •  Plunger rod: Stepped plunger rod between plunger guide and oil seal eliminates seal failure due to plunger rod wear
  •  V-packings: Self-adjusting, spring-loaded, double V-packings maintain constant high pressure seal compression and extend seal and plunger life
  •  Servicing: Innovative cartridge design allows for easy service access by bringing all of the maintenance toward the front
  •  Easily replaces Cat 3535 and General 1541 pumps
  •  Rails: Sold separately (Part # 1510-0110)





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