The Hypro GuardianAIR is the only spray tip with a pattern and droplet size scientifically designed to maximize coverage and productivity at low application rates. This technology was originally developed by Hypro for the Syngenta Amistar nozzle (Syngenta Air Induction nozzle) and has been proven on millions of hectares around the world.

GuardianAIR spray tips boost productivity, control, and profitability using a patented combination of innovations. They are air-induced to reduce drift and boost on-target spray deposition, yet are tuned to provide more droplets per litre than any comparable air induced tip. Those coverage-boosting droplets are delivered at an optimized incline that provides more uniform coverage on the entire plant, front and back.


  • Optimized for performance and high productivity, especially for application rates around 10 GPA
  • Reduce drift and environmental impact while increasing droplet deposition and retention on the foliage with air-induced spray
  • Provides better coverage with more drops per gallon compared to other common air-induced spray tips
  • Speed-optimized incline allows more uniform coverage on the front and back of foliage for a wide range of speeds
  • Delivers faster work rates with better drift reduction, allowing for more productive spraying days
  • Boosts productivity with tip sizes for speeds from 5 to over 30 KMPH, including the only size “035” tip of its kind with a 15-22 KMPH sweet spot


  • Each tip is clearly marked with an arrow indicating the direction of travel
  • Available in sizes 015, 02, 025, 03, 035, 04, and 05 as a spray tip to fit standard caps (Hypro CAP00 series) or as a FastCap® spray tip equipped with a cap and gasket for easy installation

Part Numbers include: FC-GA110-015 FC-GA110-02 FC-GA110-025 FC-GA110-03 FC-GA110-035 FC-GA110-04 FC-GA110-05