Nozzle Bodies

Nozzle Bodies


  • Provides lowest pressure drop at any given flow in the industry
  • 2.6 GPM (9.84 LPM) with a 5 psi (.345 BAR) pressure drop
  • Positive shutoff between each spray position
  • Custom logos available upon request (minimum quantities apply)



  • Designed to deliver the highest flow rates across the spraying pressure range
  • Unique DCV (diaphragm check valve) design reduces restrictions in the flow path, enabling 2.6 gpm with a 5 psi pressure drop through the nozzle
  • Supports faster field speeds with the same coverage and supports direct fertilizer application through the nozzle body DCV flow path
  • Turret-indexing design provides improved consistency and reliability throughout the life of the nozzle body –eliminating free spinning and seizing problems seen on competitive nozzle bodies
  • Automatic spray alignment using flat fan spray tips
  • Compact design makes mounting easier with less potential interference with the spray boom structure
  • ProFlo nozzle bodies come standard with an 8 psi (.55 bar) diaphragm check valve. 4 psi, 12 psi, 20 psi, and 25 psi checks are available as options.

Part Numbers include: 4223N-B322V 4223N-B323V 4223N-B324V 4223N-B327V 4223N-B328V 4223N-B522V 4223N-B523V 4223N-B524V 4223N-B527V 4223N-B528V









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