Hypro developed the following tools to provide helpful information and make product selection easier. Please select from one of the options listed below.

Hydro Hydraulic Selection Guide

Hypro offers a wide variety of hydraulic-driven centrifugal pumps for use in agricultural tractor applications.  This on-line guide will help you select the appropriate pump for your needs.

The results represent the best centrifugal pump model(s) to use for your tractor’s configuration.  Please contact us  for any additional questions regarding your specific application or tractor model.

Hydro SprayIT Calculator

Hypro has designed this online calculator to make it easy to select the proper spray tip for your application.

All you need to do is select the type of application from the list and input your specific application data and the calculator with do the rest.

Please contact us

for any additional questions regarding your specific application.

Service Videos

Hypro has created a library of videos on how to service some of our most popular pumps, as well as information on some of their exciting new products. Hypro is continually adding to our collection, so stop by often to see all the new videos.

Chris, a Hypro service technician, provides hands-on training for repairing a variety of Hypro pumps.  The videos explain everything you need to know including the tools required, disassembly and reassembly of the pump, looking for signs of wear, and tips for properly maintaining your pump.

Please contact us for any additional questions regarding your specific application.